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I'm starting to look for a new tire for my bike. Right now i have a Dunlop qualifier on there but i'm looking for something a little more sticky. The Rim is 16x3.00 and the tire size right now is 130/90 x 16. I'm just looking for suggestions or input on what tires will fit, how big i can go, and the cheapest sticky tire available. Oh, and where to buy it. :dunno Don't wanna get ripped of by some prick


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You have a 130 on a 3" wheel? I have a 110 on my 3" front rim, and people say not to go up to a 120 because it will be F'd up. I cant imagine a 130.

Whats the stock size thats supposed to be on that rim?

Oh, and for your questions... Um, I dont know what fits on there. You might want to talk with the EX/Ninja 500 people though. I think those have 16" rims and they seem to find alright tires.
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