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marsolais said:
Just a old pic of my 1984 M-3 E28 that I had in Germany back in 98. The car was bad with over 120000 Ks on it. The outside was in very good shape the right side had a softball size dent on the side from someone kicking the car before I got it. It had a inline six all german specs (that's why I didn't bring her back stateside with me). I had her well over 220 Kph / 136 Mph. And yes she did sound mean and she did pull chicks! Got to love the back ground. Dec 21 the day I bought her. Mannhiem germany> Can't wait to get back! See my "Does anyone know what this is?" thread and you'll know what I'm talken about! And yes I blanked out the tag seeing it was a old USAEUR tag!

Sorry, but that is an M5!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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