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Found this on ebay, got mine in the mail today, it is a bit b***** then I wanted so I put it on the truck, I hope they come out with smaller ones.

The Thin Gold Line follows the tradition of the Police Forces "The Thin Blue Line; "The Thin Gold" line represents a thin line of Amy Soldiers that prevents society from falling into chaos. Sold By You is honoring these Soldiers dedication to keeping our country safe and free with these vehcicle decals they can display with pride. These stickers are for anyone who has served this great country. Dimension: length 5" width 3" FREE SHIPPING Coming soon: We are currently expanding our inventory and will have stickers for veterans, retirees, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and DOD civillians.

Army "Thin Gold Line" Sticker - (eBay item 290180428326 end time Nov-16-07 06:02:50 PST)


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