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or some other radical regime that hates 'fun'..

Atlanta of course :eek:nfloor

Shut up and drink, Lilburn bar patrons told

Earlier, the city outlawed pool — the game that spelled trouble in the musical "The Music Man" — in its watering holes.
Now it's also barring karaoke and just about any other party game from places that serve alcohol.

Dave Metcalf, a patron of the Sports Fan Bar & Grill, wonders if the Gwinnett city is banning good times.

"Personally, I'd like to see karaoke end in the bars I attend," joked Metcalf, who said he flees aspiring karaoke stars. "But why would they ban karaoke? ... More fun than the law allows?"

Karaoke can bring more than bad voices, Lilburn Mayor Jack Bolton said. It can bring bars.

"Our intention was always to just have alcohol in restaurants," Bolton said. "We don't want to have dance clubs, party clubs or bars. If it means being made fun of because we don't allow karaoke, that's fine, too."

Lilburn permits liquor licenses only for establishments in which 50 percent of sales comes from food. Bolton suspects the Sports Fan might not meet that standard, but proving that would be difficult. It is much easier to ban activities common to bars: card games, pool, video games, trivia nights and, yes, karaoke.

Last year, the Sports Fan beat back city attempts to close down its Texas hold 'em poker nights. Then police Chief Ron Houck claimed the games were gambling, which put the tavern at risk of losing its liquor license. The state attorney general's office disagreed, saying players played for prizes without risking their own money. The city then dropped the gambling citation it had issued against a Sports Fan manager.

In February, the new police chief visited the Sports Fan and similar establishments and said the liquor law had been tightened up to allow only "passive entertainment," such as television, said Mike Puglise, one of the lawyers representing the Sports Fan.

That means Sports Fan owner Richard Tao will not be able to offer poker, trivia contests or karaoke nights — the backbone of his business.

"Evidently they don't even want to encourage singing and laughter," Puglise said of Lilburn officials. "They want their citizens to be somber when they eat their meals."

Lilburn wants to promote family-friendly happiness, Bolton said.

"I like to sit down and have a beer as much as anybody else," the mayor said.
"But we can show studies that show that bars and honky-tonks lead to more crime."
holy zealotry! very puritanical/ talibanistic.

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Ah, yes. Welcome to the bible belt. We are 1 of 3 remaining states that forbid the retail sales of alcohol on Sunday, too.

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Gwinnett County trying to curb crime....BAHAHAHAHAHA.....
That place along with every other town bordering the perimeter is a war zone. Not trying to offend anyone but there is more crime in 1 square mile of Gwinnet than there is in North Carolina on any given day.

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just kill your local politicians for being like that.............itll stop the bullshit.
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