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The other side?

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This is a police officers forum. I know it doesn't represent some of the fine officers we have in here, but interesting to view. Sorry if it's a repost.
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Sorry knee dragin and officer 737 but if i someone gets a ticket from that 21blue28 and goes back and fucks with his family or him then i tip my hat to that guy. Even better if he makes a biker crash they should lynch the ******* Jim Crowe style lynch mob,pitch forks,torches,tar,feathers and everything. We got the same super trooper mentality in NYC even though not all but still i'd say 1in3. Look how many uniformed retards agree with him. Not all cops are bad but when an asshat has that much power it makes people fearful of all cops. So to the good cops :cheers. To the 21blue28 and other egotistical maniacs if you or your family get harmed by a group of angry bikers after causing one to crash. :cheers
Hmm lets see sportbikers are annoying pricks who ride around way 2 fast and will probably just kill themselves. All cops are egotistical maniacs who are against you.They will lock you up for whatever charge they feel like making up. Their job is to make you miserable. Big black guy in the NYC are to be feared as they are probably carrying guns. Hmm i love da stereotyping that we all give to entire groups of people on this forum and others without including a disclaimer that not entire group is the same. I wonder what that ******* excuse of a cop would do to a clearly hispanic or black male on a sport bike with tatoos? I mean from his standpoint that would make the guy automatically a gang banger runnin crack to sell to school children so i guess, run him off the road,shoot him repeatedly and burn his body? What concerns me is this guy is so adament in his stereotyping and refuses to listen to reason. I mean he only carries a gun and the ability to lock someone up for any crime he picks so hmm why should we fear cops. I mean you don't get the option of pickin which one ya get and all ya need is one bad one to ruin your life permanetly.
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1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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