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The other side?

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This is a police officers forum. I know it doesn't represent some of the fine officers we have in here, but interesting to view. Sorry if it's a repost.
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OFFICER737 said:
I will be adding a comment in there as soon as they activate my account.

Be sure to let them know that not all young guys on sportbikes are squids. That would help my demographic immensely.
SVbmudssa said:
God forbid you didn't remove that Kerry/Edwards sticker from your ride
My roommate had a Kerry/Edwards sticker on his car for several weeks before the 2004 elections. He's never been pulled over in his life until then. He got two warnings from seperate officers during that time, and hasn't been pulled over since he took the sticker off.
Jahx said:
I havent had quite enough to drink to begin typing out an answer, but should I delve deeply enough, I may return to this thread and delve deeply into my own skewed perspective to provide one.
Good to know you're not totally drunk at 1:42 PM on a Tuesday. :eek:nfloor
crx81 said:
As every ricer is well aware, stickers add horsepower. I doubt it was the message of the sticker, but the added horsepower that was getting him pulled over. My theory is only proven by the fact that when the sticker came off, along with the added horsepower, your friend stopped getting pulled over. :squid
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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