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Found this thread on another forum, figure'd I'd share it with my fellow SBN'ers. I didn't create the names, just jacked the thread.


*White boys go at it

*Skater vs Security guard

*Black vs White (the one in a field)

*2 BIG black guys go at it bareknuckles

*Ghetto Mexican style Fights - 2 Gang Members Fight.wmv

*Mike Vallely vs 4 random jocks

*Two surfers go at it

*A Sierra College party in Citrus Heights

2 high school kids go at it(chris and jerell) and jerell.asf

Crips vs Bloods(shitty) Vs Bloods.mpg

2 arabian? kids fight and then get yelled at by some guy

College Boxing+ Chicks boxing + chicks making out

Black kid vs Mexican kid (children fighting)

2 teens going at it

Two young teens after school

2 college guys go at it in the basement

Chick Fights
*Backyard Brawl

*Backyard Brawl 2

*3 Black chicks vs 1 white chick

*Fat Lady Beatdown

*let go of her fucking hair already

2 girls in a costco parking lot

School tradition eh?

2 girls in the school hallway

Just another girl fight


*Cheap Shot?

*Dont talk shit

*Dorm Fight Club

*UFC Knockouts arts ufc_knockout.asf

UFC Ortiz vs Tanner

Hockey Fights

*Goalie fight

Teenage Hocket fight(kind of shitty)

Tie Domi Fight with spectator Hockey - Tie Domi Fights Fan.mpg

Ciccone vs Richardson vs richardsson.avi

Thornton vs Fischer fight Thornton-Fischer 1.avi

Dirty Fight - Dirty Hockey fight.mpg


*Stick Figure Classic (Xiao Xiao)

*LK-47 Presents: The Best of NBA FIGHTS VOL 2 Presents - The Best of NBA FIGHTS.wmv

*Lion vs Hyena

*30,000 Bees Vs 30 Hornets

*Chimp Karate kid

*Dont Throw this guy a burrito!

*Great punch!

Two guys with nothing better to do then piss off a cop

Soccer Riot

Kollaboration 2000 "Fight Club" (kind of shitty)

Baseball Fight fight.avi

Cat vs small dog

Football mascot fight

Kickboxing highlights(Ramon Dekker)

For Street Fighter fans(old school jackie chan)

Cow Fighting Street Fighter style

Kung Fu special effects

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ok should be working now, some are slow loaders though.

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I don't know but they had that chick almost stripped nekkid.. the chick fights are definitely the funniest..

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nope.. but I am the king of copy and paste... and work has been slow lately.

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Great post! Good for hours of laughs in the workplace/class!

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Mr. Lesbian said:
I enjoyed watching the security guard kick that skaters ass. I thought it was going to be the other way around at first... waiting for buddy to use his board.

Very nice post, are you on holidays? lol, j/k.
I felt the opposite, I thought the security guard over stepped his boundry. If that was me I would have cracked the skate board over his face.
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