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the new guy... sorta

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself here on the forums. :newbie Some of you know me already, I've got the Red/White/Black R6 and have been on a few wednesday night rides. Tom Dorner introduced me to most of you. Anyway, just wanted to say hi again, and look forward to riding with you guys more.

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:twofinger Welcome abord :twofinger enjoy your stay !!
Welcome to the fourms ! :twofinger
hey waz up
Just what we need... Another Tom in the group. :cool:

:twofinger Welcome :twofinger
Welcome to SBN and the Wisconsin forum! :twofinger
Welcome to the club. enjoy your stay :twofinger
welcome :twofinger :twofinger :twofinger :twofinger :twofinger
Welcome the the forum

hey ya.. hows it goin? :twofinger welcome welcome :twofinger
Alright Tom, it is about time you quit lurking and posted. I'm heading out of town in 2 days, and will be gone for about 2 weeks, but i'll call you when I get back for a ride. Keep an eye on my bike for me. See if you can get Jim and his friend on here too.

Hey man welcome :twofinger , haven't heard from ya in a while. You riding tonite??
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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