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My neighbors brother has a Busa. He lives in Hatiesburg,MS. I live in the New Orleans area LA. My neighbor always is giving me updates on how his brother is getting faster and faster on his Busa and tells his brother that I'm getting faster on my 9. He is alway a tenth ahead of me. I'll go an run 10.30's he ran some 10.20's, I finally get 10.00 out of my bike he broke into the 9.90's, may have been 10.89 to be exact. I tell him when he's not scared to bring that Busa here and I'll giv'em a whoopin and so on. He does the same all in fun.

Well, he came down 2 weeks ago with the bike. His Mickey was in the back the truck along with the lowering links and strap for the front. His bike has an air shifter on it also. I had never rode a Busa so he let me take it up the rode. That bike has crazy power but I can feel the weight. The Hindle exhaust sounds awesome. He wouldn't do any street racing(this is an older guy than me, I'm 30 he is in his late 40' early 50's)so we got lucky and there was the midnight madness drags going on at I talk him into going there. I thaught it was going to be close, not even, took him off the line and thru the traps. I ran a [email protected] he ran a [email protected] The track was packed so we didn't get to run much but he ran a second pass and still was running in the 10.40's. We where all just laughing and cutting up when he said "You go try and see if you can do better." So I did. I have never drove a Busa ,except for a spin on the street earlier, it had an air shifter,never used that before, sticky mickey and ITS A BUSA!!!! I made one pass...... [email protected] He was a little shocked lookin, but all in fun he said next time we race on his turf in Hattiesburg. Looks like I'll be going to MS as soon as my new air shifter is installed this weekend.
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