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Call around and find out what PPG or Doupont retailers have the ability to "Flash" a panel to get a custom code off of it. Ride your bike there and have them "Flash" your front fender. They will bring a little box out to your bike, clean off an area of your fender, and pull the EXACT color that your front fender is. Then have them mix you up a Quart of Sprayable Single-Stage (enamel) in that color. While you are there, buy the Pre-Val rechargeable aerosol kit. It's got rechargeable aerosol 'heads' that you put on top of the supplied glass bottle that you can put anything in (paint, aircraft remover..whatever), so you dont have to worry about running out of paint, or having to buy 10 cans of something. Put the supplied paint in the Pre-Val and paint just like you would with a spray can (if you can find one, get one of hte wide-pattern aerosol can toppers that makes it spray in a fan instead of a 'dot'...makes for a much nicer job).

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