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MSF course and if you are comphy on the 250's I'd say go with the Suzuki 500. A dealership is just there to make money, they could really careless if you live or die. They'd sell you a Busa if they could b/c thats a big $$$ bike. I mean just ask your MSF course instructor they'll tell you to start on a 250/500 depending on how well you learn on the 250's during the course. I get sportbike crazed students all the time, I've even had a couple of students that have already bought their litre bike w/o any riding experience, then take the MSF course after purchase, bragged to the class I was teaching about their bike and then less than a week later I see the kids lethal accident in the paper... With FL being a no helmet state and newbies buying litre bikes it doesn't make for a good combo. I don't know if you have taken the MSF course or not, but I highly recommend. I wish you the best with whatever bike you chose:D!!!
Have fun and speed safe,
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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