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Now I know this is not the Texas section, but I thought I would make this available to all parties just incase you would like to make the drive for some free stuff and a good time. I am hosting a car/bike show in the DFW metroplex, and the winners of the contests will receive custom autobody parts fabricated by yours truely, the parts will be chosen by the winners. So I hope to see all of you out there.

Ok who is down for a car show in the DFW area? Lets see a show of people who would want to come out and have a nice big get together. I would like to set something up in the next couple of weeks weather permitting, to bring everyone out together and basically just meet everyone in the area. (Might be willing to do some prize give aways if the turnout is nice... custom auto body fabrication pieces of your choice..) Custom fabrication for motorcycles, or paint jobs as well
so come on guys lets see a show of hands, doesnt matter if you are driving up from houston, austin, or just dfw local...
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