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So a few weeks ago I went down. The damage is purely cosmetic, it runs fine.

I'm testing the waters right now, I might still keep her, I might fix and then sell her.

I am pretty firm on the 4,500 asking price.

It has 5,500 easy miles.

Here is a list of pieces that would need to be replaced for it to be mint:
Front brake lever-$50
Right side rearset(rear brake lever)-$100
Right side lower fairing
Headlight(minor scratch on the right side)
Tail section(minor scratch on the right side)
Right side Mirror

I have seen complete fairing sets go for 1,000 on, if you go through a dealership they will rape you, gauranteed.

Pics(Kinda shitty sorry)

Micron CF High Mount
Polished Frame
Polished wheel lips
Has one good CF mirror
Decent shape Sportec windscreen
+2 Rear sprocket, -1 Front
Rear Fender Eliminator
Front Flushmounts

Look around, 636s go for 6,500-7,000 mint. I figure you could fix it for less than 2 grand if you look around.
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