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Tell us about your motorcycle(s).

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I'm kinda hoping this will turn into a mega thread, but you bastards are an unpredictable lot. :p

Simply brag about your bike(s) and maybe chuck in the latest pic of it, not a whole fucking catalog, mind you. I've seen threads like these, even stickied, on a lot of forums. *wink wink JK/AC* It's not just mindless dick waving/boob bouncing, it might come in handy if someone has the same bike as you and is on the fence about a certain mod, or you express your displeasure with a mod you performed to ward off others.

Brag away!

If you need a primer -

Engine configuration:
Bike category: (RR? Sport tourer? Standard?)
Use: (Track? Track/Street? Commuting? etc)
Modifications: (Lights, exhaust, turn signals, windshield, tape works [body/rim], rear sets, clip ons, engine work, suspension work, more/less plastics, luggage, tires, brand of oil/chain lube [we're DYING to know :rolleyes] etc etc)
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I have the biggest dick in the room
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Does it have to be a bike you currently own?

(could take me a while :eek:nfloor)
Model-Duke 2
CC- 640 (625)


Opened air box and gutted exhaust. And the previous owner did a awesome flame job! (ugh)
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Does it have to be a bike you currently own?

(could take me a while :eek:nfloor)
Yes, or at least your very favorite, if you can remember the mods. You and some others would die of old age trying to complete your post otherwise. Shit, I can't remember everything I did to my Ninja 500 four stinking years ago.
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Wide Glide
Year: 2011
CCs: 1,573 cc
Engine configuration: V-twin
Bike category: Cruiser
Use: Commuting, twisties, and long distance
Modifications: LED low and high beams. Removed mufflers. Blackened heat shield, air cleaner cover, derby cover, and horn shield to make it blacker. Various edge-cut aluminum/black controls added. MC decal and MC timing cover added.

Make: Kawasaki
Model: ZX-14R
Year: 2012
CCs: 1,441 cc
Engine configuration: I4
Bike category: Hyperbike
Use: Commuting and twisties
Modifications: HID low and high beams at 6000K. Blackened the silver parts to make it blacker. Debadged all but the model ("Kawasaki" and "Ninja" removed).
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I can finally play :D

Make: Ducati
Model: 916
Year: 1995
CCs: 916cc
Engine configuration: L-Twin
Bike category: RR
Use: Twisties and limited commuting
Modifications: Fender eliminator and back turn signals integrated in the tail. Some green paint on mirrors and inner fairings that we will soon correct. GP style shifting with which I am still not friends yet. Exhaust wrap which I might take off soon. Little red plugs on the frame and pure european carbon fiber sprocket cover (the front fender as well, but that's stock on a pure eurpean bike like this :D)

I bloody LOVE this bike. It is loud, raw and red. I still don't have the nerve to arrive to work on this thing, it's "old", but I feel like I'm driving a Lamborghini in the slums sometimes...

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Oh why not

Make: Honda
Model: 954rr
Year: 2003
CCs: 954, what else
Engine configuration: in-line 4
Bike category: sport
Use: riding around town and the occasional curvy country road
Modifications: helibars, Corbin seat, solo cowl

Tada Baba's masterpiece, and the last sport bike from Honda I really like. Crazy fast, the only bike I've ever had to maintain throttle discipline, the bike can and will outride me.

Make: Honda
Model: Goldwing
Year: 1983
CCs: 1100
Engine configuration: opposed 4
Bike category: touring
Use: freeway and commuting
Modifications: full Vetter fairings and cases

The sort of engineering I'd expect of Honda. Purchased off Craigslist for Mrs. Steingar to get rides (she does NOT like the 954) it was a real surprise. Low center of gravity, smooth power delivery, and the best ride in my stable including my cage. Old and ugly, but seems to have plenty of life. And if it breaks, it didn't cost anything to begin with.

And it was manufactured and spent it's whole life in my tiny little corner of Midgard.
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My bike is green. It goes vroom-vroom.
Bike 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R


- OZ Magnesium Rims

- BrakingTech Rotors, front and back

- Pazzo Shorty Levers

- Revalved Ohlins Spec Steering Damper

- HID running bulb

- HotBodies MGP Carbon Growler Slip On Exhaust

- HotBodies Fender Eliminator Kit

- Braided Front Brake Lines


View attachment 209950

View attachment 209951

View attachment 209952

View attachment 209953
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^ Looks like stock wheels to me ?
^ Looks like stock wheels to me ?
Look similar, but they aren't.

I have the stock rim's but they are in my shed. Too lazy to go and take pics of them. You can peek them in the headlights pic there, with green rim stripes.

This is how they look:
Ok if we're doing favorites, it would be this guy.

2010 Ducati Streetfighter
1098cc twin
Used for hooligan fun around town

Arrow exhaust
R&G mesh radiator guards
CRG Folding Roll-a-Click levers
CRG bar-end mirrors
Rhinomoto bar end sliders with mirror mount points
EVR billet clutch pressure plate, custom-ordered red/black two-tone
EVR stainless clutch springs and caps
Oberon Vortex billet aluminum clutch cover
Desmoporsche anodized billet reservoir covers

Sold when my 2yr warranty was up, mainly due to the famed expanding plastic gas tank issue.

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Make: Suzuki
Model: SV650S
Year: 2005
CCs: 645
Engine configuration: Vtwin
Bike category: F if I know?
Use: Garage art for the moment.
Modifications: .90 Sonic springs, zx-10r shock, Carbone Lorraine XBK5 pads, Spiegler braided lines, atre, SV1k snorkel, K&N, Delkevic 350mm slip on, some chinese adjustable levers and that's about all worth mentioning really.
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Make: Triumph
Model: Speed Triple
CCs: 1050
Engine configuration: DOHC, liquid-cooled four stroke, inline triple
Bike category: Standard
Use: fun
Modifications: Blacked out headlight buckets and trim pieces, full Arrow with map, RG sliding stuff, barend mirrors, axle cover other junk.

Make: Aprilia
Model: SR50
CCs: 50
Engine configuration: Liquid-cooled, two stroke single.
Bike category: Scooter
Use: Grocery-getting, pit bike and all around panty dropper.
Modifications: Lots of chain lube... :)

Make: Buell
Model: XB12R
Year: Various
CCs: 1203 give or take
Engine configuration: Air-cooled, pushrod, V-Twin
Bike category: Standard
Use: Track
Modifications: Lots.

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Is it illegal to have headlights like that in the States? Cannot deny that its an eye catcher.
Blue headlights like that typically have less usable/visible light output anyways.
Bird, do your turning signals still come on for your aftermarket flush mounts or are they only wired to your mirror/turn signal combo joint? I've seen similar on e-bay. Are those them?

Make: Suzuki
Model: SV650S
Year: 2006
CCs: 645
Engine configuration: V-twin
Bike category: Sportbike
Use: Street (And next year Track/Street)
Modifications: Sargent seat, aftermarket dark smoke windshield, Two Bros. Exhaust system, SV650'R' red rim tape, .85 Sonic Springs with 15w fork oil, Timing Retard Eliminator, TPS engage set to 1500rpm, Fender Eliminator, Carbone Lorraine XBK5 pads, flush mount turn signals

Pic forthcoming.
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Make: Yamaha
Engine configuration: i4
Bike category: ss
Use: street and track
Mods: double bubble screen, flush mount blinkers, fen elem, agg smog block offs, agg rear res sbk kit, woodcraft clip ons and sliders, -1 sprocket, 05 header mod, pcv, and a Leo slip on.


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