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Teknic chose to redesign their Violator gloves for 2013, and the result is a solid pair that offers a whole lot of bang for the buck. In fact, these are the gloves that Josh Hayes chose to wear during his dominant, championship-winning 2012 season.

The Teknic Violators wrap your hands in durable cowhide that is doubled up in high-risk areas like the base of the palm, pinky, thumb, and wrist. These reinforced areas are made of large cuts of leather with minimal stitching in order to maintain as much of the original strength as possible. Knit kevlar is found between the two leather layers at the base of the palm, as well as running up the side of the hand and into the pinky for extra abrasion resistance.

The palm has been changed to sheepskin for 2013, which gives them a very supple feel with great feedback. It features the same scaphoid sliders as the Xcelerators and they protect your wrists from the all too common palm first landing, without interfering with your control of the bike. Additional molded protectors are found at the wrist, side of the pinky, and across the knuckles. All of these molded pieces have integrated air intakes that work together with the perforated leather sections to help keep your hands cool and comfortable. This is not the only comfort feature found on the Violators, however.

A combination of accordion stretch segments in the first two fingers and thumb, the sheepskin palm and Kevlar stretch panel on the back of the hand make them extremely flexible right off the bat. The Violators also feature a pre-curved shape to the fingers, which helps eliminate the bunching of material in the palm. This bunching is not only uncomfortable, but can also cause blisters to develop.

Overall, we think Teknic did a great job on the redesigned 2013 Violators. There are a lot of gloves to choose from in the sub-$200 category (which these come in well under), but these are definitely one of the best values available. If you’re interested in a pair of your own, feel free to get in touch with Brad through this forum or by calling 866.931.6644 ext. 810. Is email more convenient? You can send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

Teknic Violator gloves come in two color options. Black..

and White/Black.

Scaphoid sliders help protect you from your own instinct to put your hands out in the event of a fall. They keep your hands sliding, rather than catching the pavement and sending the impact force through the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

Molded knuckle protectors are backed by high density foam for impact protection, while also allowing air to flow through the vents.

The pinkies are guarded by secondary leather wrap with a Kevlar lining.

An abrasion resistant Kevlar knit stretch panel surrounds a vented portion on the back of the hand, providing both flexibility and cooling.

Vented knuckle protectors help to protect and cool the fingers.
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