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On 8/31:

From the article:

In the interview, Jordan talks with 2 Wheel Tuesday host Greg White about riding motorcycles as a child, his desire to improve as a rider and his future as a team owner in the AMA.

“I came in this year in an experimental stage, just to see how people would respond,” Jordan explained to SPEED Channel. “Now, I am hooked. Next year, I am looking to expand the team, looking to compete -- I want to win. I really want to make a statement about my support of this sport. … I want to make a solid commitment through Montez and whoever else I want to sponsor. I want to be involved in this. I think it’s fun and I think it’s a great opportunity for corporations. … Every time I go to the race, I have a ball, so I look to be around for awhile.”

Very good news for the sport!

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That's awesome. Always been a Jordan fan, even when he was a mediocre baseball player. I think it will be cool to see him down there, should bring in a few more fans if anything.
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