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Did the Talimena Scenic Drive ( )today (6/28). Left Dallas 7:20a and got back 10:00p. Total trip 587 miles - sore butt. No pics to post this time - our cameraman (Stock_Picker) was rained in all morning and had to pull out. Weather forecast showed rain all over our route but we managed to miss most of it. Just got a few sprinkles at the 350 and 400 mile marks.

Had a good time and the scenery was great. Not many twisties along the Drive - made up mostly of long sweepers and steep grades. The drive runs ridge line to ridge line through the Ouchita (sp?) Mountains for 50+ miles with many scenic turnouts. Well worth the trip but I think there are better roads a little further east and north into Arkansas. Will have to investigate :)

FYI: Don't plan the Wilhelmena(sp?) Lodge as your lunch stop. Food was ok but I'd put my money on a burger/BBQ joint either side of the Drive next time.
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