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Taking your bike offroad?

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OK so my dad just bought a triumph tiger and now he's into this adventure shit, and he is trying to talk me into taking my bike down this long ass dirt road through streams ranging in depth from 6 - 13 inches just to walk across the longest rope foot bridge on the east coast which runs over the taccoa river in northern GA. We're gonna be staying at T.W.O and its only like 15 minutes from there. Now I calmly explained to him that my bike is a STREETbike, and there is nothing dual purpose about it, but he seems to think a little water wont hurt it.. I am really not too worried about the water.. well yea I am.. but I'm more concerned that I'll be doing this with a passenger. Anyway, what do you guys think? I'm prolly gonna go for it and if it gets to hairy or uncomfortable just turn around. have any of ya'll taken ur bike through some hairy shit? BTW I ride a 98 vfr so its not an all out sportbike, but not meant for this shit at all, and I'm actually in the process of trying to sell it.
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if ur gonna do it i would put some tires on that have big deep tread and say good luck to you sir

me, i wouldnt do it
You do not take a corvette ZO6 off-roading. It is just not meant to do those things. You will more than likely experience some clearance issues.
yea.. well supposedly its not like a dirtbike trail, just a dirt road.. but I don't know many dirt roads with streams running through them.. I don't think I'm gonna do it.. I'll go and see what its all about.. but if it looks the least bit risky I'm turnin my ass around.
I took a Honda civic Hb off roading and ruined the car it was fun but I ruined a perfectly good car so I would not do it for anyreason.
i wouldn't do it man....that bike is not meant to be taken through "streams". Just ride bitch on the back of your dad's bike :D

During a group ride, we ventured down this dirt road following one of the guys with a GPS system on his handle bars. Sand got really deep and I was going too fast and ended up on the ground!!! I'm referred to as "the ramp" after that cuz one of the guys behind me kinda ran over my ass!!

We were able to laugh about it to this day but if I had to do it all over again, I'd stay on the solid side of things!!

No one was hurt and no damage to the bikes involved, in case you're wondering.


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I wouldn't do it man because it will be too easy to lose it going over like 10 mph. Those tires weren't meant for the dirt.
Don't do it. There's a reason why they call them STREET bikes.
haha reminds me of biker boys, why dont you and your dad have a real cool drag race down the road? Watch out for the tunnel vision :twofinger I'm with all these guys, i wouldnt do it, buy one of those big ass ktm dukes if u wanna adventure.
I wouldn't do unless you had a bike capable of it.
See if theres somewhere to rent a bike/ATV around there, that'd be fun...
I would and have but then I'm not very sane. :2devil
Unless your comfotable/confident with how your bike will handle on dirt roads and you ability to handle the bike on said roads stay away. A bike handles very different on dirt.
ok, two words for ya, um NO!

Streetbike= street
Dirtbike= dirt

If your "streetbike" was intended to be ridi'n in the dirt, then it would be called a "dirtbike"..............
japbike said:
ok, two words for ya, um NO!

Streetbike= street
Dirtbike= dirt

If your "streetbike" was intended to be ridi'n in the dirt, then it would be called a "dirtbike"..............
+1. the closest i will come to riding in the dirt w/my bike is if the road crew has failed to clean up the shit they leave when they are done working on a street. i wouldn't do it.
You can do it with the right tires...but then there are clearance issues...last time I looked there isn't a skid plate on the bottom of the VFR fairings!

I went to a place called Lake Irvine in california to go fishing, I rode my bike and had my fishing rods in my backpack it was a great way to go fish, and ride in the same day. Anyways... I get there, and its a fucking mile from the park entrance to the boat dock where I can rent a boat. So im riding my trusty F4 down a sandy/rocky/rutted out road for a mile I think I almost dropped it about 78 times. You wouldnt believe how badly that experience sucked. The bike just refused to track straight because the tires wouldnt grip on anything, the rear kept spinning at like 1000 rpms, and the front would just 'push' straight even when i was turning left or right. It was crap.
It all depends on your level of riding skill. As long as the foot of water is not very wide, and the road really is dirt, not loose sand, and I did not have a passenger - I would do it (given the circumstances and dependant on the situation when I arrived).

I have ridden on dirt roads and through sand, gravel, etc on my bike and it can be fun if you 'read' the bike well. As I said in my opening statement - it all depends on your skill level (with the bike you ride). If the situation makes you feel uncomfortable, DO NOT DO IT.

Have fun on the trip, it is a great area to ride.
The fact that your dad would even suggest such a thing tells me that he himself might not know what the hell he's doing. *Maybe* a dry dirt road in good condition, but streams? Uhhhh... dirt + water = mud. Mud + sportbike = crash. Crash + sportbike = -$.
I was up near Elkhart Lake Wisconsin this week and tried to off road through some really deep pea gravel. Actually, I went through some grass first. The pea gravel was very hard to steer through and I tipped over just before this wall of tires. I pretty much came to the conclusion that ZX-10s aren't good at off road stuff. Hope your bike is better. :)
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