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Tailbag vs. Saddlebags vs. Tankbags for VIR

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My wife and I are going to be riding from DC to VIR for the AMA races there in September. We'll probably leave Thursday night and return Sunday. Knowing how she likes to pack for trips, we're going to need some baggage capacity. Right now all we have is one nelson rigg tankbag. She rides an SV 650 and I have a Triumph Speed Four.

I don't know if we'll each need saddlebags; saddlebags and tankbags; saddlebags, tankbags and tailbags; or any other combination. Anyone have some advice?

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YOU need a tankbag to carry your toothbrush/paste, clean undies, and contact lens cleaner. As long as the tire repair and tool kits fit under your seat, anyways.

SHE needs... Well....

B-Bags Speedpack:


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YES - It's every bit as huge as it looks....

Actually, it's really nice - The top section straps down and can actually be fairly small, it's pretty water resistant all by itself, and comes with a waterproof cover, and the entire thing comes off the bike as a single unit that you can carry by it's shoulder strap.

You could also browse for more bags than you know what to do with.

I actually prefer a small~ish tankbag, and either a tail pack or saddlebags, depending on the length of the trip. For 4 days I would use a tailpack/tank bag with a couple pairs of black jeans/decent shirts (so you can eat at a decent place), and figure on living the trip up and back in my leathers.

If you want, have underthings you can wash in your hotel room in the evening since they'll dry overnight.

Scott :)
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