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tail lights wiring help me please

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ok i just got this bike included is a pic of what the back lights look like. for give me for spelling and gramer im typing fast to get back out before it get dark. when i got this bike there were these lights on the back but nothing worked the center light has three wires one is yellow one is black one is red when you cut the key on this comes on! for a running light
the tail is different so all the wires have been cut the two red outside lights are susposed to have blinkers in them!. there is about ten wires coming to the light system the two out side lights have two wires each? i would like to make them stay dark till i hit the rear brake and then use them to turn the center can stay on. they way the guy had it was center stays on and outside come on with front brake the bike is a fz7r 1995,also there is two cut wires coming from the speedo im guessing that has something to do with the two cut wires coming from the turnsignal i was able to get the out side lights to cut on when i hit the left or right turn signal but they wont blink i know there is not a good chance but can someone tell me what wires to look for or have you wired these type of lights before again sorry for the sloppy ness please help

sorry wont let me post the pic for some reason itsa cicrle clear light and two red lights in teh shape of a tear drop sideways
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^Good advice. Good 'ol basic test light. Don't forget to test the test light on the battery before you get started.
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