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Hello all!

I recently acquired a 2001 Honda CBR 600 that I am trying to make street legal. The previous owner raced it on a track, and now I want to take it back on the road.

After searching for while, I found some super bright integrated tail lights from Custom LED that I liked a lot, but they only existed for the 03' model of my bike. I made a gamble and bought the lights, but sure enough the wiring plugs do not match at all. (My bike has a custom fiberglass kit, so it did not matter in terms of "fit" which lights I got, all I need to have the same was the wiring since I'll have to cut the fiberglass for the lights anyways).

As far as I can tell, the previous owner did not cut any cables, so I believe that I might be able to just solder the wires together, but I am not sure which wires would go where. Maybe there is another way to work around this? I would just return the lights but I ordered them online and already opened the box... D'OH!:duh2

I "attached" some pictures here, but i'm not certain where they go... so hopefully you can see them. One of them is the wiring on the back of my bike, that I believe are for the tail lights, the other is a picture of the lighting kit. On the kit, the green and brown wires are for the turn signals, and the three cables bundled together in the rubber covering are yellow, blue and brown. The little grey wiring I believe is a grounding wire, but I am not certain. There's also the little rubber switch that came with the kit, i'm not entirely sure what it does, I believe that it might activate the "brake alert mode", the instructions are quite vague. Here is where I bought the kit from:

Sport Bike Integrated LED Taillight

Any help you guys would be able to offer is very much appreciated!


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