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Suspension Setup

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What do all those adjusters really do? And how do we get them setup properly for our riding style and weight?

Well, here's a good start.
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The SportRider article is a great start and has lots of good info. Here's one more:

I used that and some recommendations from other sv1k riders to set up my suspension initially. After a few tweaks I stopped fiddling. I was never really fully satisfied with how the bike behaved over bumpy pavement, however, until I took it to a pro (Lindemann, who happens to be in my neighborhood) for an adjustment.

After measuring static sag and sag with me on the bike, he really tightened up the preload. It went from 7 lines showing in the front to all the way in. The rear was tightened up as well. After much bouncing of the front and rear suspension he had the damping adjustments where he wanted them. A test ride showed that he really knows what he's doing. In the end, all of the adjustments changed from where I had them, some considerably (preload).

If you're not totally happy with your suspension, I'd recommend taking it to a tuner for a complete set-up before doing anything else.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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