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We will tone this ride down a little.
A couple of us are planning on getting in a nice ride Sunday. We want to cover some ground and put in alot of miles. I nice long "safe ride"
Up front will still be fast, but the ride will have a destination, and we want all to arrive in one piece.

A few are planning on making the Clermont Run...
There is a few inbetween roads to visit;).

The plan;
GAS UP!!!!
9am = Meet up at SkyPower Sports
9:15 = Roll out
Noon = Lunch and Head Home

Route as always will be determended at the start, so don't ask..

We need to be home in time to watch the Luguna races.....

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A-DALE 9 said:
Glen have u made someone mad or something.....omg
Some people are just scared;)

Honestly though,
I'm all for the small crowd player. I don't mind towing a 30 bike group, but a 4-5 bike pack is alot faster. A small group doesn't have to wait at the stop signs for 15min. either hahahah, and is easier to keep together.

You don't have to post up to show up.

A couple of us plan on going for a ride. We will not be Blasting down every road like we did last Sunday, but nor will we be braking for the curves.
Still not sure if we are heading North-South-East, or - West. Just know we are riding.
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