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Sunday September 27 Beach Run

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I have been wanting to make a trip back to some of the most beautiful beaches around.....we've all been to Tybee, and it's great for what it is. But there are better islands on our coast....

meetup as usual 12 pm at BP by Loco's in Statesboro, Hwy 67 and 301 Bypass. last bike out around 12:20 so get there on time or arrange waiting ahead of time! that's plenty of window to be there in time considering the mileage this run will encompass.

HOPEFULLY the 'regulars' will be able to make this.

Route to I95 or Hwy 17 will be either I-16 or 301 down to Claxton, Ludowici, and Darien to join into 17 or 95. this will entirely depend on what people agree on wanting to do at the meetup. please be able to follow a proper pace if interstate riding is necessary. i don't mean 90 mph, just a decent pace. i don't want anybody getting pulled over, but nobody should lag behind the group. all 250 riders, sadly, are discouraged from this ride (not that we've had many anyway).

From there the route will go to St Simons, then to Jekyll Island ($3 fee to get onto the island last time i went there last year, so have $3 on you!), and finally to Fernandina Beach.

This will be a LONG ride and require a few fillups. Likely the longest ride (aside from the Augusta ride) i've led, but it will definitely be the most scenic and enjoyable. I am letting it be known five days in advance on all 3 sites i post on so hopefully everybody will be able to make it.

Accomidations may be made for meeting riders along the way as well as stopping short of the 'boro to see them off. I want this ride to make everybody happy in at least some way shape or form. and i'll do my best to not lead you down dirt roads hahahaha
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