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Sunday Ride 8-23

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Sunday Ride 8-23 New MEET PLACE

Ok, I can get out and ride. Who's leading. I need new Video with peeps in front. It's ok when I lead. But I want to see some lean angle in the vids. Better watching a chase vid. How's about a Polk Co run. Meet at Bartow Sunoco say 9am. Roll out 9:30am.

OK, who's my huckelberry's and who's leadin? :bowdown
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im out this weekend, maybe for the month...
too much to spend money on, and not enough [email protected]!!
tires, battery, gloves, spark plugs erg
why change the start location?? why not just ADD 40+ miles to the run??

but hey, that's just my idea... ... ...but what can i say? im not riding tomorrow :(
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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