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Sunday Ride 8-23

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Sunday Ride 8-23 New MEET PLACE

Ok, I can get out and ride. Who's leading. I need new Video with peeps in front. It's ok when I lead. But I want to see some lean angle in the vids. Better watching a chase vid. How's about a Polk Co run. Meet at Bartow Sunoco say 9am. Roll out 9:30am.

OK, who's my huckelberry's and who's leadin? :bowdown
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You didn't bring me any Ben & Jerry's so I'm not riding with you anymore.
But, But, But. I sent yo a text that i was there. Doesn't that count?
That's what was so bad about it! You tease!! :twofinger

I need to wash my bike and clean/relube the chain before I can ride again. If I manage to do that tomorrow, I might ride on Sunday. I'll txt you if I can. But I've had the flu since Monday, so not sure if I can handle being out in the heat, to be honest.

I'll be glad when the weather cools off.
Would it help if I told you I sampled the new Keylime Pie flavor while I was there? Amoungst other flavors.

Hope you can make it out for a ride. Be good to see you. We haven't ridin together in a long time.:cheers
I was hoping someone could lead that knows the way to the Blue Lagoon for LUNCH.
Man, That's a south ride...You need to meet up at bartow sunoco!!!
So you leading from Loves?:bowdown
Tom it's closer for me to start at sunoco
If you can lead and do a couple of laps at the end? THen the Blue Lagoon. Sunoco at Bartow it is. I'll change the location.
Bartow Sunoco it is. 9am KSU at 9:30. See you in the morning.
(.06 before lunch?)
You gonna ride up and meet for a couple of laps?
why change the start location?? why not just ADD 40+ miles to the run??

but hey, that's just my idea... ... ...but what can i say? im not riding tomorrow :(
Because I don't know the roads. So if Speedwheelie is going to lead, then I'll fix the start to accomadate him. I couldn't make up my mind which place to begin with. So I flipped a coin.
I'll be there RT.....You can show me around 6...:twofinger
I'll do my best to hang with ya for a couple of laps.
if'in i wazzn't paint'in my race plastics 2morrow me and deb would be there. have a safe one. axld.
You could always do that after lunch. Paint has to dry anyways.:cheers
Good ride today. Blue Laggon for lunch was awesome. Thanks for coming out Speedwheelie kf4mtw met up at 6 for a few laps and lunch. Good times. I'll work on some video and try to get it up before I go to bed.
Working on the Video. Speedwheelie looks good dragging his knee.

BTW- for those of you who couldn't make it out. I bought lunch today. Sorry you missed out on lunch and a great ride.
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