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Sunday Ride 8-23

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Sunday Ride 8-23 New MEET PLACE

Ok, I can get out and ride. Who's leading. I need new Video with peeps in front. It's ok when I lead. But I want to see some lean angle in the vids. Better watching a chase vid. How's about a Polk Co run. Meet at Bartow Sunoco say 9am. Roll out 9:30am.

OK, who's my huckelberry's and who's leadin? :bowdown
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You didn't bring me any Ben & Jerry's so I'm not riding with you anymore.
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But, But, But. I sent yo a text that i was there. Doesn't that count?

That's what was so bad about it! You tease!! :twofinger

I need to wash my bike and clean/relube the chain before I can ride again. If I manage to do that tomorrow, I might ride on Sunday. I'll txt you if I can. But I've had the flu since Monday, so not sure if I can handle being out in the heat, to be honest.

I'll be glad when the weather cools off.
My bike in general isn't any cleaner, but my chain is spotless at least.

Tom, I can't do a south ride. I'm not up to it. Just blasting around the circle of the 408 & 417 for the post-wash/pre-lube heating of my chain wore me out and my legs were shaking when I got back. I am still sick I guess. I need to stay closer to home.

You all have fun and be safe.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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