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Old man bought a new (to him) Harley. I know it isn't exactly a 'sport' cruiser but I didn't know where else to ask this.

He needs tires for it, he's put on over 3,000 miles on it in 5 weeks and just did an 800 miler this last weekend and his front tire is shot. Yes, there are still Harley guys who actually ride their bikes :eek:nfloor

He currently has on Avon Venoms that came with the bike, but from experience they dry rot fast and his front seems to wear at an extraordinary rate. I'm looking for a great tire set for his bike, a nice sport turing tire that he can get some good miles on but also not worry when he does lean it over with some speed. He does actually get it over often when solo.

So, suggestions? I've always been a fan of Metzelers, but maybe there is a better bang for buck option? He has about 2 weeks left of front tire life until it's completely bald.

So far I'm looking at the Metzeler ME880's or the Pirelli MT66's.
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