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Myself loved it. 45 minutes of crashing is insane. From high chair wheelies gone wrong. To amatures trying the most stupid shit. Lots of smacking payment. Bone Breaking and yes Tittie flashing.

Ohh wait.. did I saw Tittie flashing.. I mean TITTIES!!! EVERYWHERE.. constant T&A through the movie.

Best shot.. when a guy is filming a chick showing her tits and the car next to them rear ends another car.. hahahaha.. all caught on tape!

Ever have a close call when someone decided to turn left in front of you and you bump? or close to it.. well think about it at 60+ mph!!! Superman!!!!!!!!!

Thought it was safe to watching stunts on the sidelines? Nope.. watch a few people take out the crowd when they loose control of there bikes.

Guys.. honestly I saw the non edited version of this film.. and now have seen the final release and I was blown away.. One I am glad to have for friends when they stop over. Friendly reminder if you play.. you will pay..

Todd and his crew did a great job once again with this video..

Ok.. I enough of what I thought.. I want to get some more feedback. I usually dont post about videos.. but this one rocked!
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