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First post and have a question on the fz6 and its riding position. Yes ive seen where its somewhat upright.
Reason for asking i just bought a sv650s yesterday,knew it wasnt going to be a good 400km ride home as soon as i couldnt get my bad leg on the right peg easy.
Little history...54 years old, always had a bike but not a road bike in 30 years. Still have my drz400 but the narrow seat and height was causing me in line for a hip replacement. It doesnt hurt to sit though so im looking for a more upright ride for commuting.
Why i bought the sv?...hitched a ride and needed a way back home...seriously
I did read abit about the Sv before i went but didntrealizethe N model and the S model have different seating positions and the N is easier to mod the bars. The angle to the pegs was a killer, to far the fz6 similar?
Should i look at cruisers? Not really wantng to but love to ride.
Theres know shops near by and im pretty much a loner so i dont get to try any bikes.
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