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Stripped rear brake master cylidner mounting bolts!!

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I have an 06 gixxer k6 and I stripped the shit out of these bolts trying to get them off:

They're only supposed to be torqued to 7 ft-lb per the service manual. But with their thread lock and the fact that they haven't been touched since mfg of this motorcycle they're practically welded in there.

They have a 4mm hex head which is tiny and didn't stand a chance with the force to get these off. I rounded the hole and the hex grip is gone.

Now I dremeled a nice slit to fit a flathead screw driver, but these fuckers won't budge. The flathead is stripping the slit and I can't get any leverage. They're mangled now and I think it's time for a screw extraction.

So 3 questions:

1) Does anyone have the size spec of these screw threads (width, length & thread)? Specifically the width so I know what size extractor bit to use.

2) Do you agree that it's time for a screw extract? What product is best and where to buy? EZ out? Home Depot? Auto store?

3) Extra opinions on this matter

:comp FUUUUUUUUUCK! :comp
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To remove the master cylinder assembly from the frame, all you'll need to do really is get those mushroom bolt heads off (unless the frame itself is threaded, which I doubt). You're halfway there since they're mangled already. :)

Getting the remainder of the threaded bolts out of the master cylinder assembly afterwards might then be done a little easier on a work table. Dose them liberally with PJ Blaster and leave them overnight, then warm them up a bit with a heat gun. There may be enough of a stub left on the bolts after the heads are off to get a purchase on them with a vise wrench.
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