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Stripped rear brake master cylidner mounting bolts!!

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I have an 06 gixxer k6 and I stripped the shit out of these bolts trying to get them off:

They're only supposed to be torqued to 7 ft-lb per the service manual. But with their thread lock and the fact that they haven't been touched since mfg of this motorcycle they're practically welded in there.

They have a 4mm hex head which is tiny and didn't stand a chance with the force to get these off. I rounded the hole and the hex grip is gone.

Now I dremeled a nice slit to fit a flathead screw driver, but these fuckers won't budge. The flathead is stripping the slit and I can't get any leverage. They're mangled now and I think it's time for a screw extraction.

So 3 questions:

1) Does anyone have the size spec of these screw threads (width, length & thread)? Specifically the width so I know what size extractor bit to use.

2) Do you agree that it's time for a screw extract? What product is best and where to buy? EZ out? Home Depot? Auto store?

3) Extra opinions on this matter

:comp FUUUUUUUUUCK! :comp
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if you are going to own a motorcycle at least go buy one of these,
How to Use a Hand Impact Driver |

you'll never strip another stuck screw or bolt again. no matter what bit it takes.
+1 on the impact driver suggestion for this to never happen again. I knew I was being an amateur somehow. I'll look into getting one ASAP.

it has saved my dirtbike and R6 and stuff on my truck a few times.
I even took it to work to remove some 100 year old brass screws holding windows in a plane hanger.
we were grinding them off but using this was so much faster.
OH impact driver.

My bad. I was looking at the mangled mess caused by the chisel and thought he was going to reuse that.
yeah I was going to say you're crazy.

they are the perfect tool for allen bolts and phillip screws that are held in with a thread locking sealant or just damn tight or rusted in.
it will keep you from stripping the head mainly and the impact (which doesn't really take but a tap) will break it loose 99% of the time.
the soft bolts are soft so you don't over tighten them or they strip. not all tools are made equal. cheap tools will usually not have the tight clearances like expensive ones.
some of the best allen wrenches I've had are made by eklind.
Eklind Tool Company
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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