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Stoner Movies

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I think that most people have seen "Cheech and Chong" and "Dazed and Confused", but has anyone ever seen the movie "Stoned Age"? There many more out there. :feedback
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Half Baked with D. Chapelle - one of the best. Haven't seen Stoned Age, but will try and find it next weekend

I saw stoned age and liked it alright. Worth a rent. I vote Idle Hands another good stoner film. The Big Lobowski is another classic
Your "revolution" is over, Mr. Lebowski! Condolences! The bums lost!

I hated Idle Hands. Just couldn't get into it.
The reason it made such a big impression on me is because I was 21 years old and NOT sober while I watched it. I loved it (the movie)
Another one is Pink Floyd's "The Wall", I only seen it sober, never F'ed up.


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Yeah The Wall is a classic.. I was totally into that album (and Pink Floyd in general) before I saw the movie, I have it now on DVD. Lots of goodies in the extras
Killer bud is another one !!!
I'm not a stoner, and never been stoned but one of my favorites "psychadelic stoner fucked up movies" is GO. It's got so much crazy stuff going on, I love that movie.
Go was good. I'm a Jay Mohr fan already. Ever see his short lived TV show, Action? Hit too close to home in Hollyweird, got cancelled.
"man, if you were any more white, you'd be transparent!"
BOngwater has some funny parts in it
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle was HIGHlarious. I wanted to see it again in the theaters but I couldn't get a date to see it with! :mad:
i havent seen idle hands, wasn't jessica alba in it?
300 posts yea
Yes, jessica alba in her underwear to be exact.....
There was this really F'ed up movie I seen only one time, not all of it, and have never been able to find it since. I think the name of it was "Land Beyound the Valley of the Dolls", or something like that. I know there is a "Valley of the Dolls", and it deals with the party life in Hollywood, but thats not the one I'm talking about. This movie was one totally phsycodellic, tripped out flick.
There's animated movies like Fritz the Cat. Also check out Meet the Feebles. It's a completely twisted take on the Muppet Show. I mean seriously screwed up stuff, but it's still funny as heck. Give someone acid then drop in Meet the Feebles and tell them it's the Muppet Show 'Behind teh Scenes'
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