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mcoomer said:
Hello all,
I have just purchased a PCIIIr for my 04 RC51 and I wonder if anyone else is using one on an otherwise stock bike. I plan on adding an exhaust later but I had to start somewhere and this was too good a deal to pass on. So, I need to find a good map for stock bikes. Kyle Racing has one on their site for stock bikes. Is anyone using this? Any suggestions are appreciated.

First, getting a PCIIIr was a good move. IMO, I would just wait until you add the pipe then install it with a DK map. The stock RC runs super good.
When I added Satos, I also add a PCIIIr with a DK installed map, that is when it made the RC51 more lively..

2001 GSX R1000
2003 RC51
(63 & fast)
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