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Static Tire Balancer

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Do you change your own motorcycle tires ?

I may have just the thing you need to ensure your motorcycle tires are precisely balanced. This is a portable precision static tire balancer to complement your tire changing gear.

The unit is made from aluminum and stainless steel. It will never rust. The sealed bearings are rated ABEC #5, a superior rating to give the balancer a high level of precision, and a very sensitive feel.

The stainless steel rod with two Delrin cones (with set screws) are inserted into the axle opening. Then, by setting the cones tight against the wheel and tightening the set screws on to the stainless steel rod, it ensures that the wheel and the axle are one unit. This whole assembly is then placed on the wheel balancer, allowing the high level of precision that is necessary to get a precise balance.

The whole assembly can be thrown in a shoebox.

It is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. Included in the package :
• 1 pair custom wheel balancers - 3 ½”w x 1 ½” h x 5” l
• 1 stainless steel 14” rod
• 1 pair wheel cones – maximum wheel bearing/axle size 33mm or 1 ¼”
• General instructions on how to balance tires

What you will need:
• Something to raise the wheel balancers off the floor high enough to get the tire in the air. Suggestions include:
o tall automotive jack stands (that’s what I use)
o 4x4’s
o two sawhorses
o stack of bricks

Selling for $69 + shipping.

[email protected]

Check it out here:

What You Get
Balancing the Rim
Balancing the Tire
Heres another support idea
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