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I had a v-twin '97 TL1000S. That thing was great for lower speed power wheelies. I would just cut the throttle, whak it open to get it to come up, then I still had plenty of revs to play with. It definately was a little touchy with the throttle respose like that, but for first gear power wheelies, it was a monster. I did have a +3 sprocket in the back, but even stock gearing was nice.

It sounds like if you're hitting the rev limiter really quick that you aren't getting the front wheel very high and just powering through the rev range with the front wheel halfway in the air. If you get that front end a little higher, you won't have to be on the gas so hard and thus not be running through the rev range so fast. I think the goal should be (at least it was for me) is to chop the throttle hard and get that front tire WAY up there so that you are either using very little throttle to keep the wheel up or maybe even gently rolling on and off the throttle to balance the bike. It feels insane when you first get the wheel that high, at that slow of speed, but then after a while it become more and more comfortable.

Just remember, once you do your chop and get the front tire nice and high, then you have to be nice and smooth with you throttle input. If your choppy with the gas, then your chances of looping the bike go up quite a bit. Nice and smooth, that's what you're after.

For second gear, it should still come up with just the throttle, but you will need to be a little higher in the rev range to make full use of that torque. If that doesn't work a good tug on the bars or bounce should help bring it off the ground. Second gear won't be as touchy as first gear, but the speeds will obviousely be faster. Just always try to remember to cover the rear brake. I'd really hate to hear of that Mille getting wadded up. Good luck and just practice.
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