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Here's a few Star Wars fan films I found today while doing absolutely nothing on my forced day off (lost ID).

Plot Summary: Really no plot, just two Sith Apprentices go at it to become a Dark Lord of Sidius.
Run Time: 7 Minutes
Twinsen Rating: ***

Imperial Military Personel Stories - I.M.P.S. The Relentless - Chapter 1
Plot Summary: A parody of Cops, but taken many steps further than Troops (the original Cops parody).
Run Time: 21 Minutes
Twinsen Rating: ****

Plot Summary: The original parody of Cops. A few imperial storm troopers respond to a domestic disturbance.
Run Time: 10 Minutes
Twinsen Rating: *****

Star Wars: Revelations
Plot Summary: More of a serious fan film following the Episode 3 movie in which the Jedi rebellion begins.
Run Time: 47 Minutes (I told you it was serious)
Twinsen Rating: ****

If I find more worthy of posting, I'll post.
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