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So yesterday I saw two dudes (black guys but i guess that doesnt matter). one had a helmet one didnt, the one without the helmet is chewing on a toothpick with a backwards hat, so immediatly i knew he was a squid. the light turned green and he takes off attempting wheelies, he would get it up then it could come back down then he'd get it up again. I sorta laughed, im no stunter by any means but it was funny nonetheless. then i got to thinkin how if he went down that toothpick would probably pierce his cheek, then again he wasnt wearing a helmet so an unwanted peircing was probably the least of his problems.

then today....

On the EXACT stretch of road, same part and everything. I see this dude in shorts, a cut off, and no helmet pulling a standup at like 80 (in a 40mph zone). I just dont get it. If there is a squid reading this...please..please let me know what the hell your thinking.

anyways just thought id share
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