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Squeaky brakes! How do you un-squeak them?

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Anyone else having squeaky front brakes? Mine are getting worse. I mentioned it to my dealer when I dropped it off for it's 7,000Km service....all they concluded on the report was it was due to "metalic brake pads". They didn't even offer me any solutions nor did they even try to 'up-sell' me on new and better brake pads!?!? :rolleyes

So my question to my fellow SBN'ers is two fold....

1. What can I do to fix or clean to make my pads stop squealing. (I have a can of "Brake cleaner" but it says NOT to get on your pads?!?!)

2. What are some good replacement brake pads to get for our bike? (brand and types)

Thanks guys.
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when mine squeek i just clean my rotors and it stops. so getting the brake dust and road grime off seam to do the trick. good luck.
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