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Hi all, so I'm looking to get back into a sportbike after a couple years on a 955 Speed Triple and currently a VFR750F. Have never done a trackday (many in cars, none on bikes, though) and definitely want to start doing them here in Nor Cal.
I do have the means to spend 7 or 8k on a minty used Daytona 675 or zx6r 636 (those two catch my eye the most), but I'm concerned if that would be really stupid to have a nice bike like that to take to the track for the first time ever. Not necessarily thinking i would go down on the track (haven't on the street ever) but it's just the feeling of 'what if it happened... lol.'

So because of that, I've been looking at maybe some older more affordable stuff maybe to start with and do some trackdays with first instead.
Like an SV650S or a 03-05 R6. I'm more thinking something easy to ride quickly, not something knife edge and more reasonably comfortable. I'm also worried about having a bike that just buzzes really bad in the bars. My Speed Triple never buzzed ; was very smooth, same with my dad's old ST4S Duc I rode a few times; just dead smooth. So like, if an R6 is like a space shuttle re entering atmosphere in terms of buzz and vibration, it'd be a hard no for me.

What do you guys think or recommendations on something that would be a good first bike for the track but also would be an only bike, too?
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