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spies to remain in WSB for 2010

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Spies Commits To Yamaha, Will Race In World Superbike In 2010, May Switch To MotoGP In 2011

Sep 04, 2009, ©Copyright 2009, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

From a press release issued by Yamaha:

Yamaha Motor Company., Ltd and Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. are delighted to announce that an agreement has been concluded with Ben Spies for his participation with Yamaha for 2010 and 2011. The program foresees a season in 2010 with the Yamaha World Superbike Team based in Gerno di Lesmo, Italy and a switch to Yamaha's satellite MotoGP team for 2011.

Laurens Klein Koerkamp, Racing Manager Yamaha Motor Europe said, "we got to know Ben this season in our Yamaha World Superbike Team as a very talented, professional and dedicated person with whom we are thrilled to continue working. Not only is the relationship between Ben, the team and Yamaha in general very successful but it's also a pleasure to work with him. This early agreement permits Yamaha and Ben Spies to now fully focus on their 2009 World Superbike campaign in their challenge to achieve their first World Superbike Championship titles together."

Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing added "we are truly excited about the prospect of Ben's arrival into our future MotoGP program. Ben is doing a great job for Yamaha in his first season in the World Superbike Championship. He is in great shape to challenge for the title this year and we will be rooting for him at the remaining four events this season. Ben's primary mission is to win both his and Yamaha's first World Superbike title. After that when Ben eventually makes the move to the MotoGP championship we will be ready for him and, in line with the new MotoGP regulations, we will create a place for him within the Yamaha satellite team and give him the support he needs for his next challenge."

"I am very happy to say that I will remain a part of the Yamaha family," said Ben Spies, "and that I will continue in the WSB series for 2010. This is an exciting period of my racing career and I look forward now even more. Yamaha has been great in the warm welcome that I have received entering the world arena and I want to thank them for all they have done, and for giving me their trust for a next career step into MotoGP in 2011."

This means obviously that Edwards will be keeping his seat and that Spies will definitely be on a YZR-M1 for 2011.
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Especially when that one ride was on the Suzuki.

Yamaha likes Spies, they like him a LOT. Tech3 would have made room for him in '10 if that's where Spies really wanted to be. That's how much Yamaha likes Spies.

Ben isn't a lock on the WSB title this year. Haga has a very good chance to win it yet. I really wouldn't mind seeing it either, much as I like Spies. Spies wants to wait until '11 just to make sure he can get at least 1 title (or as sure as he can be...) in WSB. In the mean time, maybe Yamaha can fund a wild card ride for several races next year so Ben would no longer be a rookie and could step right into the factory ride in '11 if Rossi would retire. A lotta if's.

Rossi is under contract for '10 only. There is a lot of speculation beyond that. F1, WRC, who knows. He has also said that if Lorenzo stayed at Yamaha, he'd stay another 5 years just to make Lorenzo's life miserable. Possibly just shit talk, who knows.
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We're all talking about Hayden after he finished 6th at Brno and 3rd in Indy, and he's on a factory Ducati that he's tested and raced for many months now. Spies rode a shitty Suzuki that he had little to no experience on, and finished 6th at one point. What could he do with a YZR-M1 after testing it for several months? My guess is a lot more than Hayden. It's a damn shame that he's staying in WSB another season.
Well, you're mistaken if you think that they get a lot of testing time...they used to, but now they only get the day after Valencia, 1 weekend on December, 1 in late January and 2 weekends in February IIRC. That's the new rules as of this year. The lack of testing hurt Nicky, but they have been making progress all year. The only person who has had more luck with riding the Ducati is Stoner.

I think Spies would do fine in GP. He has shown all year that he adapts quickly to the new tracks and bike. Still, the M1 is a far cry from a WSB spec R1. There was much less difference between the AMA Superbike Suzuki he rode last year and the R1. I think he would be running with Rossi and Lorenzo in short order. Three Yamahas on the box would be something wouldn't it?
whens the last time a b team won? colin does well but he hasnt won. hes a great rider.

they may be decent but theyre still not top level.

just like in f1 only a few teams have a shot at winning.
I don't think anyone said anything about winning. Forget about the level of equipment for a second, anytime you're going to go up against Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner, or Pedrobot you're going to have a hell of a time just making the box!

That said, Spies on the Yamaha would open up the possibility of an all Yamaha podium.

Also, there is speculation that Tech3 could get nearly identical equipment to Rossi/Lorenzo for Spies. Supposedly Yamaha wants this that badly.
The problem with that idea is that Spies isn't even going there next year. There's a pretty decent chance Rossi or Lorenzo won't be there in 2011. I just don't understand it.
I believe Lorenzo just signed a 2 year deal. True Rossi's contract is up after next year. There have been comments made in the racing world that Yamaha could put Spies on some wildcard rides in the next year to fulfill his "rookie" status, opening up the possibility of taking Rossi's seat in '11.
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