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SPEEDYMOTO EVO Billet Water Pump Housing: 02 +

Pricing: $289.95 FREE Shipping

EVOlution means a change or a mutation to adapt to or become better suited to its environment. Evolution was the idea behind the SpeedyMoto Waterpump re-design. Our design change to the water pump housing continues an evolution in Ducati temperature management and crash protection. All with a lower price too!
EVO is a Lighter, Stronger, Better Flowing Water Pump Housing fitting the latest Ducatis.

By helping protect your investment from tip-over mishaps and racetrack inevitability, SpeedyMoto water pump housing sets your mind at ease and lets you concentrate on the ride. Our water pump housing:
◾Designed to protect the vulnerable left side of your Ducati power plant.
◾Has proven to increase the flow and efficiency of your cooling system.
◾Acts as a heat sink, netting up to 10% cooler running temperatures compared to the stock housing.
◾It's easy to install.
◾Includes new stainless hardware.
◾Fits perfectly—won’t wear holes in your bodywork.
◾Offers leading edge style and functionality for your Ducati.

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

* Outside continental USA, use shipping passwords:
GLOBAL250 gets 25% off shipping on orders over $250
GLOBAL500 gets 50% off shipping on orders over $500
GLOBAL750 gets 75% off shipping on orders over $750

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