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ok guys i have a almost brand new sony psp . I never use it. So i decided i am going to sell it . I bought it when the first came out. It has a minor pin looking "scractch on the screen" . (so small you really have to look for it) But when i bought it. I bought the extended warranty from circuit city . So for any reason including scratching of the screen you can return it and get a brand new one.
Here is what it will include and how much i payed for it

Sony PSP,Box,32mb memory stick,Spiderman the movie pt 2,
head phones,home charger ----I payed 250$
Car charger, Case that hold 4 games-25$
Extended warranty(2year)--I payed 50$
256mb memory stick(sd format)---I payed 50$
Tony Hawk Underground 2 ---I payed 50$
MLB Baseball- I payed 40$
i am putting it on here to see if anyone is intrested before i ebay it . I have payed about 450$ for all the stuff here .. If anyone is intrested send me a Pm with a fair offer ..thanks Tony





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