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It all started in June, when I was looking for an f4i on Ebay. Fair enough, I find a nice black silver f4i listed in florida. So I am all excited ready to buy it and all, but I was just a couple hundred dollars of his asking price of 5400. It just seemed too fishy.He wouldnt tell me where in FL he was, even on the phone. He dint want to meet at his house when I wanted to look at the bike and stuff liek that. First he replied to one of my question from one of his accounts, and then he bid through another one of this accounts on the auction,and the third he used to place the f4i for sale. In the feedbacks of one of those accounts, he acutally bought a speedo and some other misc stuff for the f4i.

Well..I did end up getting an f4i, not from him though. Now Im searching the internet for some parts for the f4i, and I come across the same guy selling fairings from bikes, like they were growing in his yard.

I mean, I can usually tell the type of people and this guy just seems too suspicious. Correct me if Im wrong...

The guys ebay ID's are as follows..
cameljockey98 - the id i sent him a question


eurotrendz - the id he sent me a reply from

His other ID - pinoyclass

If you have nothing better to do, and keep clickin thru the feedback youll see lots of suspicous the sense.. you dont know why he bought them heart just melts to see all those fairing sets being sold so easily...Who knows when its my bikes turn... :angry

EDIT : He seems to be using proctorville OHIO as his selling BS. Check out the bimmer wheels transactions between himself
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