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Sold my bike

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Well the other night i was out at a bike night thing, and a kid walked up and asked if my bike was for sale, i told him no but for the right price it is...well he came up with the right price so i rode it to his house and got a ride back home. Now im bikeless and think i am going to buy a boat, a bike just isnt that much fun down here without turns, maybe in a year or so ill buy another
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wescoas1 said:
4,500 for an F4? I would have taken that too. Shit, if I could get 5,000 for my F4i I would sell it and use it on my downpayment for a house.
Got 5k for my F4i and that was with scratches on the left side (lowsided) Maybe because it's Hawaii and price is higher but when I posted it up I was flooded with emails saying it was a great price. btw it was an 02
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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