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...Rescue dog transport! This handsome boy Charlie needed a ride from his Rottie rescue group in Woodstock, GA up to Pennsylvania to his new foster home. There was a leg going from Spartanburg, SC up to Charlotte, NC, which I'm kind of in the middle of both, so I signed up to do it. Been wanting to do one for awhile but there either weren't any running through my area on the days I could do them, or somebody else got to them first. So today my good friend Scott (who's also a dog/animal lover as I am) and I drove down to Spartanburg and picked him up from the previous drivers, and drove him up to Charlotte where we met up with the next driver who would continue him on his journey NE. Not gonna lie I kinda hated to have to hand him over to the next driver, I really liked the little guy! Awesome personality.... you couldn't NOT like him, lol. Plus he was a total angel in the car. But I'm just glad he's going to a better place :)

Of course I had to snap a few pics.... not great since he didn't exactly want to stand still too much, lol

He's stayed the night in Newport, Virginia last night, then continuing the rest of his journey today..... this isn't actually him (thought it was at first), but one of the pics she sends out in the group emails. Still funny though, lol

Anyways.... that was my fun for the day, lol. It may not sound like much, but I really enjoyed it.... all for a good cause, so it's worth it :)
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