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Hey Members,

Greetings from Komodo!

Some of you know who we are; many of you do not.

We want you to know about us and why we're here.

One thing up front: we are not "CORPORATE" thinking!

Our Roots:
We're a true "Guerilla" company in that our origins started at the race track. Komodo is a result of the infectious habit of racing - period. Before we were racing, we were riding our bikes everywhere; with our friends, participating at bike nights, relaxing at rallys or just flat out riding hard down country roads.

So, you ask? What sets Komodo apart from other motorcycle apparel companies?

It's simple, really: being an integral part of the motorcycle community allows us to intimately understand the needs of today’s riders. Price, performance, style and service are core attributes that riders looks for in their apparel. To meet these needs, Komodo decided it was best to go “FACTORY DIRECT”.

We put, “YOU” the rider, first. Anyone can buy our products from our website and we will ship direct from our warehouse to your door, which makes us Defiantly Different! We live up to our tag line.

Let's be real; customers demand a proven product at a great price with a high level of service. We are riders ourselves and we used to be the “customer” and know first hand what riders and racers want. Komodo has a passion for riding, which greatly influences the design of our products. This is possible because we live and breathe the freedom that only two wheels can provide on the street or on the track.

Komodo products are truly application specific. Each product (glove, jacket, suit, boot, etc.) is its own unique and proprietary design with a purpose – function, protection, style and value. That is what sets apart our products from any other product available; our products are designed by real riders and used extensively on the race track from the privateer ranks all the way to the professional rider - to the every day commuter. Our products are used, abused and hung out to dry. You can trust a Komodo product.

When you're looking for a new glove or jacket - keep us in mind. We welcome you to visit us or drop us an email.

Don't just take our word for it; go to our website and view the videos we have posted on our home page from REAL riders - these are not rehearsed videos - they are raw and un-edited. Some of the riders do not know who we are; we just approach them and ask them what they think about Komodo.


Thanks Members!
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