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That's truly it really. Unless you want to spend more money on aftermarket goodies... clip-ons, rear-sets, etc.

Also change out your coolant with water wetter or distilled water.

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You do not "have" to put race plastics on. Unless you plan on racing, then your lower piece may need to be race so that it can hold fluids.

If you are going to just do track days, and it is not required, I wouldn't even but plastics on it. If it truly is going to be dedicated to track ONLY, then just leave the stockers on. When and I do say "when" you go down, then toss the stockers and get some race plastics then!

For starters, pull the fuses, tape up the lights, and go at it!

If you want to have a serrious track bike, the first thing I would do, is, GO GET TRACK TIME AND SEAT TIME ON THE TRACK!

If this is already been done and you are confident that the track is what you want to do...

Look into the following:

Front and Rear stands
Race plastics
Steering Damper
Clip ons
Engine case covers (both RT and LT)
Stainless steel brake lines
better brake pads
**Suspension** (This to me is probably the most important, yet most expensive) If you get to the point where you are fast enough to need the suspension, I would get this before even thinking about toying with the engine to get more HP.
Removing the kickstand (if clearance becomes an issue and must have stands for this)
Spare parts!!! (Clip ons, gas tank, brake lever, clutch lever, fairing stays, etc)

This was just off the top of my head.

Learn from my mistake, forget about most of this crap and just get some track time. Develop your skills as a rider first. Then as you progress your abilities, get the goodies on the bike. I got the goodies first then hit the track. I am def. now using the goodies to my benefit, but I could have def. gotten more track time before the goodies and upgraded little by little and prioritized the upgrades better. For instance I would still be running a stock exhuast with no powercommander or a custom map and gotten suspension parts first! Now that I need the suspension, I can afford it at the moment and spent much needed cast on other crap! Bah ignorance is bliss! ;)

Good luck!
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