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So I got that R1 I was looking at *walkaround vid*

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And here she is:

YouTube - In HD R1 2008 candy apple red walk around

I'm Very pleased with this bike.
Rides great, very fast, stable through corners (may try a 180 tire to make it flick quicker) east to torque it through town and cruise...

Plus I love the lines and almost every detail about it...Might go with a r6 tail in the future though, the stock one is a bit too wide and IMO interrupts the the proportions.

Got a great deal on her also- sticker was 11,400 I got it out the door for that price- but with the $1,400 5 year yamaha extended YES service warrenty.
(Anything brakes it's fixed free)

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Actually I'm pretty happy with the price. I looked from LA to santa maria for a red 08 and couldn't find any new ones.

As I said before the msrp was 11,400.
I got it for 8800, plus the $1400 yamaha YES plan, $800 in tax, dmv $$, reg etc..
So all said and done it was $11,386. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?

Nice bike and all, but I would have loved to see more of the bunnies.
you should put some pics of the bunnies, preferably together, in the wives/girlfriends thread.

haha you found that?! we were a big hit on halloween lol

really like the color. everyone seems to have it in blue or raven.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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