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So a hurricane just came through my backyard...How was your Friday?

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First one where I was old enough to understand...And let me tell you, it's some scary sh**!!!!

Damages are these...My privacy fence is gone and the tree in the front yard shed a few large limbs, but no huge damage...

Just around my corner (literally) is a local park with giant oak trees, palm trees, and others...There is at least a few GIANT oak trees completely uprooted and laying in the middle of the road...There's also a palm tree in the road that was uprooted...

Go up the road a little more and there's a giant oak on top of what appears to be a Ford Escort or something like that...All I can see is the back wheel..The rest of the car is now made of wood...

These are just a few of the things that I saw within a half mile of my house...I can't imagine what else is out there...Daylight will definitely have a few stories to tell...

I work all day tomorrow, but maybe I can have someone take some pics...Stay tuned...
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man, that sucks. At least there wasn't too much damage to your stuff

BTW, just today at work, we were discussing people living in the areas subject to hurricanes and tornados... it seems like I'm seeing the same exact faces on TV ever year, when they stand there crying and saying that they lost their home AGAIN. :dunno It's like every time it happens, they're like: "Wow, we totally didn't expect it"

If you know that the area is subject to such things......... why don't you just move?

That was just a side thought
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